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The Pixel Watch could be Google’s most customizable gadget ever

The company’s working on a whole set of optional bands

Depending on who you ask, the Pixel Watch is turning out to be an exciting reinvention of how we think about Wear OS, or a wearable flub built on years-old hardware. We’ll likely have to wait until this fall to find out whether or not Google’s entry into smartwatches was worth the wait, but in the meantime, it’s worth focusing on what we do know. The Pixel Watch features a proprietary easy-swap band mechanism, perfect for switching styles at a moment’s notice, and with today’s leak, we’re learning a little more about what those bands might look like.

The folks at 9to5Google first reported on Google’s plans for at least seven different stylish watch bands, though they’re sure to clarify that all seven might not actually ship, nor are they sure all seven are “Made by Google” products. Many of these bands have something in common: matching pre-existing Apple Watch bands you’ve probably seen before.


These include a Milanese band, which uses a stainless steel mesh material to create a luxury look. It’s a popular add-on for Apple’s lineup of wearables, though the company charges a pretty penny for it. Like Apple, Google plans to use a magnetic latch to keep the watch on your wrist, with three color choices to match the Pixel Watch body. Apple currently sells its model for $99, and it’s unclear if Google’s version will be priced similarly.

It’s far from the only model taking inspiration from Google’s fruit-themed rival. The company is working on a metal link band, which Apple currently sells as an ultra-premium option. A stretch band option is also being worked on, which might compare directly to Apple’s Braided Solo Loop model. That’s a lot of similarities for a device that already looks like a rounded variant of the Apple Watch, right down to its band mechanism and crown.

Of course, a watch wouldn’t be complete without some basic fabric and leather options, the latter of which Google plans to offer in multiple shades. Combined with the silicone band showcased at I/O — another Apple similarity — and we’re looking at plenty of methods for matching your personal style with the Pixel Watch.

We’re months away from the launch of Google’s first wearable, and it’s possible plans could change in the meantime. Hopefully, whatever bands the company does launch will hold up to wear and tear a little bit better than its recent case lineup for the Pixel 6.

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