RiotPWR reveals iPhone controller designed in partnership with Xbox

RiotPWR reveals iPhone controller designed in partnership with Xbox

If you’ve been wanting to try Xbox Cloud Gaming on your iPhone, RiotPWR is here to make your day.

Today, the company revealed the Xbox edition of its iPhone gaming controller. While other iPhone gaming controllers exist, RiotPWR’s new controller was designed in collaboration with the Designed for Xbox team. The two teams worked together on a controller that was purpose-built for Xbox Cloud Gaming on the iPhone.

The controller features a Lightning connector with passthrough charging, an adjustable phone mount, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. According to the company, it is also the first MFi-certified controller to ever feature the Xbox button.

The RiotPWR Mobile Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) is Lightning connected, therefore requires zero batteries or Bluetooth to use and has a removable, adjustable phone mount display. It also includes RiotPWR’s unique pass-through charging feature that allows users to charge their mobile device while using the controller without worrying about a low battery interrupting their game. Users can even record their gameplay with the push of a button and plug in headphones to fully immerse themselves in their games.

Fraser Townley, CEO of RiotPWR, touted the controller as a way to build on the foundation of the multi-billion dollar mobile gaming industry.

“The controller is not only exciting for iPhone users, but also the mobile gaming industry as a whole. All other forms of entertainment have evolved from physical software in the home to downloadable or streaming content on smartphones and other devices. The debut of the RiotPWR Mobile Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) will build on the foundation of mobile gaming early adopters to make mobile gaming more accessible and the preferred gaming format for the masses.

You can preorder the Xbox edition of the RiotPWR iPhone controller today at the RiotPWR website. The company is offering ten percent off for those who purchased the controller ahead of its release on Monday, August 1.

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