Harmony School's senior class of 2022 graduated last month.  To graduate, each senior had to complete a semester-long project.

High school student creates video game to help treat Alzheimer’s

Being a scientist takes a lot of hope, especially when researching a disease as elusive as Alzheimer’s. Every day, scientists across the world are searching for a cure with relatively little success.

Maya Szakaly knew this when she set out to create a virtual reality game to help Alzheimer’s patients. Still, she spent her entire last semester at Harmony School creating the game. “You never know until you try,” she told herself.

“The thing is, science has to persist,” the recent high school graduate said. “We have to hope that there is an answer, maybe multiple.”

Szakaly and 10 other seniors at Harmony School spent nearly every day of their last semester working on individualized projects in order to graduate. Other students worked on projects such as creating a fashion magazine, recording podcasts and films and volunteering for a health organization in Mexico.

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For Szakaly, though, it was more than just a school project. It was personal — she has family with Alzheimer’s.

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