Farewell, Internet Explorer |  Creative Bloq

Farewell, Internet Explorer | Creative Bloq

Once upon a time, Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser in the world, but, let’s face it, those glory days are long behind it. Now, after 27 years (how it flew by!), the curtain has finally come down on the legendary browser (and yes, apparently a few people were still using it).

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer all the way back in 1995 and last updated the browser (to IE 11) in 2013. The tech giant has been steering users towards its replacement, Edge, for years. But now, Internet Explorer is finally being disabled, truly marking the end of an era. According to Microsoft, few people were still using IE 11 (and we can’t say we’re surprised), but if you are one of those few and now don’t know what browser to use, then we recommend checking out our list of best web browsers.

Internet Explorer is now directing users to Microsoft Edge (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has begun sending redirect messages (see above) for those still trying to access Internet Explorer. They take users to Microsoft Edge, a newer browser which was launched in 2015 alongside Microsoft 10 and the Xbox One.

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