'Block Buster' is Coming to Meta Quest VR in 2023

‘Block Buster’ is Coming to Meta Quest VR in 2023

Developer Happy Kamper Pictures has announced its upcoming VR action title, Block Buster, for the Meta Quest platform. VR players will finally get their chance to cause the chaos as a gigantic kaiju when it comes out sometime early in 2023. Anyone who’s already intrigued by the concept can visit the official Block Buster Twitter page to stay in the loop.

Stomp, Throw, Burn, and Eat Your Way Through Block Buster

As the kaiju in this VR installment, Block Buster provides you with a toybox filled with destructible environments and prizes. This is the sort of title that many pop culture fans would latch onto. Standing tall above human level is you: the monster. Your sole purpose is to tear cities apart while collecting various rewards. Additionally, players can search for weapon parts as they continue to fight off enemy forces. Of course, this all leads to one epic final battle.

To truly become your monster in Block Buster, the developers provide multiple customization options. This goes for both your kaiju monster and any accumulated weaponry. These can be found while completing the primary and secondary tasks in the game. You can check out the announcement trailer for Block Buster here to get a taste of the carnage.

The co-founders of Happy Kamper Pictures are looking forward to the VR project’s reception. In their words, they briefly explain the creative inception that came into play for Block Busterstarting with Doug Herzog:

My co-founder and I grew up together, writing scripts, making our own comics and movies, and getting into certain pop culture fandoms. Brent’s [Kappel] really into Kaiju and things like Jurassic Park while I’m into Gundam. We shared a business specializing in drone photography, 3D rendering, and VR for the architecture sector and one day realized we could use those same skills to create the ultimate monster versus city game.”

Co-founder Brian Kappel commented:

There is something so innately fun about stomping about, smashing things, and knocking things over. We saw an opportunity to bring that fantasy to life while paying homage to the whole Kaiju genre and fandom collecting culture that surrounds it.”

Meta Quest owners can keep a lookout for Block Buster by visiting the Twitter page and official website when it arrives in 2023. You can also stop by the Happy Kamper Pictures YouTube page to watch their other content. And if Block Buster It seems like your cup of tea for the VR world, let us know by leaving a comment below!

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