Shipping Policy

All products are digital and sent to the customer via the Internet

There are three ways for the customer to receive the key after completing the payment process:

Via a text message, where the customer will receive a text message containing the key

In the order list.. the customer will find all that he purchased from the store on the order list page.

Via WhatsApp.. We will communicate with the customer and provide him with the key via WhatsApp – this communication may take some time

First: digital products:

Delivery of digital products via SMS has become very popular recently but we still think that email delivery is preferable for the following reasons:

1- Thankfully, we are the largest software store in the Kingdom and the Middle East, so the email is the most appropriate to standardize the delivery method for all different products.

2- Preserving the customer’s time because the license is disclosed and examined before it is sent to ensure the quality of service.

3- Maintaining the confidentiality of the licenses for each client, as the codes are not stored with any third party, but we deliver them directly to the client.

4- Save all client correspondences and easily refer to them in the future when needed.

5- Ensure that the delivery message is coordinated in the best possible way, regardless of the required quantity, especially from merchants cooperating with us.

Second: Rechargeable products (pc accessories, software with USB, and others):

– The processing time of the item for you and its delivery to the shipping company is 0 to 24 working hours


Shipping by SMSA or Aramex from 1 to 3 working days

SMSA shipments are received from the branch

Aramex shipments are delivered to your home

Free shipping cost.

Note: Only Friday and official holidays are excluded from working days

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