HBO Max shows may be on the cutting edge and fans are worried

HBO Max shows may be on the cutting edge and fans are worried

Fans of popular HBO Max original shows and movies are eagerly awaiting their fate as rumors swirl about major changes to the streaming service.

Since WarnerMedia parent company HBO Max merged with Discovery earlier this year to become Warner Bros. Discovery, industry watchers have speculated that CEO David Zaslav will look to merge Discovery+ and HBO Max into a single streaming platform.

The change will likely lead to a massive downsizing of HBO Max, according to a report by The Wrap, to reduce redundancy between production teams for HBO Max originals and major HBO properties.

Fans first started sounding the alarm this week when Warner Bros. She has canceled her original HBO Max movie “Batgirl,” even though filming has already been completed. The move is part of Warner Bros.’ cost-cutting measures. Discovery, which under Zaslav focuses its focus on theatrical releases.

Cancel releases and decompile originals from the service will help the company in the form of tax breaks, IndieWire reports. Fans of the service, which many consider to have the most powerful library of any streaming operator, have been vocal in their opposition to the rumored movements. Tweets critical of institutional change have amassed tens of thousands of likes in recent days.

But the fate of such programs as “Hacks”, “The Sex Lives of College Girls” and “FBoy Island” has not yet been determined. Zaslav is expected to reveal more details about his plans for HBO Max on Thursday when Warner Bros. Discovery call its quarterly earnings.

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