Pokemon presents a major information dump announced amid alleged leaks

Pokemon presents a major information dump announced amid alleged leaks

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Gen 9 starters stand in front of some battle-ready grades.

screenshot: Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company announced their next live broadcast of Pokémon Presents on August 3 scarlet pokemon And the Violet And other Pokemon games come at just the right time as fans, desperate for new details, are flocking to a recent flood of alleged leaks. For Gen 9 entries older than expected.

The live stream is scheduled for 9:00 AM ET and will last about 20 minutes according to experts at the Pokémon News Database. sribi. This is plenty of time to provide updates Pokemon GoAnd the Autism, and other spin-offs. But what fans are really hoping for is another explosion of detail carmine And the Violetincluding more information on gym leaders, combat mechanics, and any new Pokémon the National Pokédex will feature.

carmine And the Violet they were Announced back in February, revealing the appetizers Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. This was followed by another bigger reveal in June Around the time Not-E3 showed off two new professors and other clues about the games’ open world. However, it is not surprising Pokemon Fans want more information before the November 18 release date, and they recently turned to an unprecedented string of alleged leaks to get it.

In mid-July, players spent days Pour over blurry and incomplete shots Pretend to show new developments and battle mechanics. The leaks were allegedly from someone with access to an unfinished build of the game, and included plenty of clues about the total number of Pokemon that were in the game as well as controversial design options such as gyms, which can be completed in any order, not commensurate with the number of badges they had. Already collected.

Community discussions and tons of fan art ensued, as well as fake leaks targeting Dipping on the impatient fans. “It’s kind of crazy what happened here,” one of them Pokemon A theory analyst and leaker who goes 3clipse_tt on Twitter my box. “It was over 4 months before he was released, and that never happened if I remember that. It usually takes about a month before these big leaks (especially with the footage) are released that appear online.”

Now fans will soon know how many of the alleged leaks were legitimate or not. I’m sure the official info will keep them in need for at least two weeks. Pokémon Presents will be broadcast here:

Pokemon presents | 08.03.2022

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