Fans and event planners blame Georgia gun laws for cancellation of Music Midtown - WSB-TV Channel 2

Fans and event planners blame Georgia gun laws for cancellation of Music Midtown – WSB-TV Channel 2

Organizers canceled Music Midtown due to ‘conditions beyond our control’ The two-day concert was supposed to be on September 17-18 in Piedmont Park.

ATLANTA — Music Midtown announced Monday that its weekend music festival has been cancelled.

In a post on FacebookAnd the Music Midtown said, “Due to circumstances beyond our control, Music Midtown will not be shown this year.”

Channel Two Dave Huddleston He learned Monday that it appears a local man may challenge public events that forbid people to carry guns in public.

Georgia passed a law in 2014 stating that guns cannot be prohibited on public property, such as Piedmont Park.

Music Midtown is one of the biggest music festivals in the Southeast. Among the festival’s headlines were My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Atlanta rappers Future and Jack White. The rapper was also scheduled to perform Atlanta 2 Chains.

The two-day concert was supposed to be from September 17-18.

Channel 2 Action News Get exclusive details on what may lead to cancellation.

We received an email from two independent sources showing a Monroe County man telling a city attorney on May 4, “First of all, I disagree that buying a ticket is a waiver of Second and Fourth Amendment rights. The second problem is that legally portable guns cannot be banned. in public parks.

Although the festival organizers have not given a specific reason for its cancellation, some city and event planners say the reason is that the festival was unable to ban guns in the park.

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“Under Georgia law, people are allowed to carry in Music Midtown without being banned for at least 8 years,” said John Munro, vice president of GA2A, a government gun rights organization.

Monroe told Huddleston that recent court appeals to a 2014 Georgia law have been upheld. This law allows people to carry a gun in public places such as Piedmont Park.

“It’s been a law for several years in Georgia if a private entity like Live Nation, the Music Midtown promoter, if they rent the property where the festival is located from a public entity like in this case, the city of Atlanta in Piedmont Park, they have to abide by the rules of public ownership,” Monroe said. .

“I know a lot of artists have that in their contract. A public venue like this, if you can’t perform, said Trent Thurman, a festival goer.

Huddleston attempted to contact Music Midtown and Live Nation about why the festival was cancelled. As of writing this article, no response has been received.

The cancellation notice said that those who bought tickets can get a full refund through the site they bought them from.

Music Midtown started in 1994 and ran every year until 2005. After a six-year hiatus, it returned in 2011.

About 50,000 people attended last year, when Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, and Maroon 5 sang.


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