What's new in iOS 16 Beta 4 for lock screen, iMessage, CarPlay, and more

What’s new in iOS 16 Beta 4 for lock screen, iMessage, CarPlay, and more

Apple today put the fourth beta of iOS 16 to developers to test. The latest beta version has quite a few new features and changes which include the Messages app, Home app, Mail app, Lock screen notifications, CarPlay, and more.

iOS 16 is currently in beta for developers and members of Apple’s free public beta testing program, and a software update will be released to all users with iPhone 8 or later in September. The second public beta of iOS 16 that corresponds to the fourth developer beta is likely to be released next week.

We have outlined the new features and changes notable in iOS 16 beta 4 below. Thanks to Steve Moser and AppleSWUpdates for their contributions.

iMessage Edit / Undo Send Changes

You can now click the little “Editor” sticker below the edited iMessage bubble to view the original version of the message and any other previous edits. Additionally, iMessages can now only be edited five times before the Edit option is gone.

While there is still a 15-minute window for editing an iMessage, Apple has lowered the time limit for unsending an iMessage to two minutes after it has been delivered.

Live Activities API

ios 16 live activity feature

Apple has released ActivityKit in beta, allowing developers to start testing the Live Activities feature on the lock screen in their apps on the iOS 16 beta. Currently, apps that implement this feature will only be available via TestFlight.

Live activities will provide real-time quick information on the lock screen. For example, a sports app might allow a user to start a live activity for a live sports game. In this scenario, live activity will appear on the lock screen for the duration of the game and provide the latest updates about the game at a glance.

Apple says Live Activities will not be included in the initial publicly released version of iOS 16, with the feature enabled in an update later this year — possibly iOS 16.1. At that time, apps that offer live activities will become available on the App Store.

New wallpapers in the home app

iOS 16 Beta 4 Wallpapers Feature

The fourth beta of iOS 16 adds new Wildflowers and Architectural backgrounds to choose from in the Home app, along with existing ones.

New time limits for undo sending in mail

Undo Send Feature for iOS 16 Beta 4

In the Mail app on iOS 16, it is possible to cancel sending an email in the Mail app for a brief period. In the first three betas, the time limit for unsending an email was 10 seconds, but the fourth beta gives users 10, 20 or 30 seconds options.

Lock screen notification settings

iOS 16 Beta 4 Notification Feature

Apple has improved the appearance of the lock screen notification options in the Settings app. In the fourth beta of iOS 16, Apple now includes images depicting Count, Sack, and List options for how Lock Screen notifications are displayed.

New lock screen customization interface

Apple has revamped the interface when customizing the lock screen, with options for colors, gradients, images, and more at the bottom.

Custom iOS 16 Beta 4 Lock Screen

Boldest music player on lock screen

Apple has updated the lock screen music player with bolder elements.

iOS 16 Beta 4 Music Player

New wallpapers for CarPlay

A stable iOS 16 wallpaper for iPhone for CarPlay is now available, with multiple color, blue, and gray options to choose from.

Other changes

If you notice any other changes, let us know in the comments section.

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