Microsoft is speeding up Xbox Series X/S boot time

Microsoft is speeding up Xbox Series X/S boot time

Microsoft is speeding up the boot time of its Xbox Series X/S consoles. In the latest Xbox Insider test builds for the Xbox Dashboard, the cold start time was reduced by about 5 seconds. Microsoft was able to speed up the boot sequence by creating shorter boot animations.

Xbox testers noticed a faster boot time recently, and Microsoft confirmed the changes on Friday. Josh Muncie, Xbox Integrated Marketing Director, The company says Create “a shorter boot animation (~4 seconds) than the original startup animation (~9 seconds), which helps reduce the overall startup time.”

Old and new Xbox Series X/S playtimes.
Photo: Tom Warren/The Verge

Xbox Series X/S owners will only benefit from faster boot times if their consoles are set to Energy Saver mode instead of Standby. Power saving mode means that the console is completely turned off, rather than entering a standby state. This means you can’t turn on the console and start playing right away, but Energy Saver is more convenient for your electricity bills and the planet.

Microsoft’s changes will make booting into Energy Saver mode faster, taking the Xbox Series X/S booting process from about 20 seconds to about 15 seconds (including the time between pressing the power button and watching the animation). It makes Energy Saver mode more attractive, especially after Microsoft made it the default choice for new Xbox consoles earlier this year along with adding support for downloading updates in the background.

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