Resident Evil Village: Mercenaries Trailer Shows Lady Dimitrescu in Action

Resident Evil Village: Mercenaries Trailer Shows Lady Dimitrescu in Action

Alongside the new promo, new gameplay details have been revealed for upcoming playable Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries Extra Orders characters from Lady Dimitrescu, Chris Redfield and Karl Heisenberg.

Resident Evil Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda shared information on PlayStation.Blog regarding the latest addition to the Resident Evil Village Mercenaries mode that will be part of the Winters expansion and Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.

One of the biggest draws for additional orders will undoubtedly be a playable version of everyone’s favorite nine-foot-tall villain, Mrs. Alcina Dimitrescu. As you become Lady Dimitrescu, you will be able to attack enemies with her terrifying long, sharp claws and a unique feature called Thrill Gauge. This gauge will be increased by attacking enemies or using the “Lady’s Lipstick” item.

As Thrill Gauge increases, Lady D’s movement speed and nail damage will also increase along with giving her access to new moves. When the scale reaches its maximum, the damage you do will be at its highest as well. Oh, and you can also summon one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters to help you in the fight.

Chris Redfield may not be nine feet tall, but he does come equipped with some serious firepower and “strong power.” Chris has an attack gauge that he fills in when he takes out enemies, and he’ll then be able to activate his attack mode to dramatically increase his movement speed, reload speed, and attack damage. He will also have access to the Target Locator, which is “capable of launching a powerful supportive attack”.

Resident Evil Village: Additional Mercenary Command Shots

Karl Heisenberg is the latest new playable character who comes with his giant hammer and the ability to control magnetic forces. By swinging the hammer, Karl can charge electricity to eventually unleash a massive attack on the area of ​​impact. His attack options also include the ability of the magnetic field to draw enemies near you and a way to summon the Soldat Jet to give you a helping hand.

Resident Evil Village: Additional Mercenary Orders is just part of the Winters expansion heading to Resident Evil Village on October 28, 2022. It will be joined by the first story from the Village in Shadows of Rose and Third-Person Mode.

If this convinces you to pre-order, those who do will unlock a Street Wolf Outfit for Rosemary Winters to wear as you play through Shadows of Rose story DLC content. Costume includes Chris’ Houndwolf Squad logo design.

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