Gotham Knights SDCC 2022 trailer shows Batgirl in action

Gotham Knights SDCC 2022 trailer shows Batgirl in action

Last Gotham Knights Character Highlight, premiering at San Diego Comic-Con, stars Batgirl, one of four playable heroes in this fall’s upcoming action-adventure collection from developer WB Games Montreal.

Batgirl provides a brief monologue on the significance of the tokens, and then her trailer goes into action, showcasing melee combos, special abilities, and other gadgets and weapons, including a night wand that transforms into a nunchaku. While this might be inferred as Michelangelo Gotham KnightsA quartet of crime fighters, the new Batgirl trailer makes a compelling case that she’s Gotham City’s next Batman.

The character drew a small amount of controversy in the spring. At the time, the game’s official bio indicated that Barbara Gordon was legally paralyzed by a gunshot wound (in the equally controversial film). Batman: Killing Joke from 1988), she has overcome her injuries by retraining herself, a metaphor that many PWD consider insensitive.

WB Games Montreal rewrote Gordon’s biography and consulted with gaming advocacy group AbleGamers to recast her character. This explains why players will see her back bracing under Gordon’s civilian clothes, and will see her doing rehab exercises in the team’s bunker.

Gotham Knights It’s scheduled for release on October 25 for PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. The proposed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions earlier this year were canceled.

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