Quidditch changes his name to quadball after J.K. Rowling’s ephemera | sports

Quidditch, a sport that was created for the fictional world of Harry Potter before it spread to American college campuses, has changed its name to the quad.

In December, two of the sport’s main governing bodies, US Quidditch and Major League Quidditch, said they were considering a name change due to “sponsorship and broadcast opportunities” lost because Warner Bros., which produces the Harry Potter film series, owns the copyright to the current sports name. .

However, on Tuesday, the sport’s other governing body, the International Quidditch Association, cited “JK Rowling’s anti-justice stances” as the reason for the change.

The Harry Potter author has been accused of being anti-transgender, an allegation she denies.

“We’ve tried to be clear that’s both reasons,” Jack McGovern, a spokesman for the American Quidditch and American Quidditch Association, told the New York Times.

“We weren’t intending to make a value judgment about one cause more important than the other.”

He added that the sport’s association with Browling created a problem in recruiting new players.

The major leagues of Quidditch and US Quidditch will now be known as the Major League Quadruple and US Quadpool respectively. The International Quidditch Association is expected to change its name in the near future.

“In less than 20 years, our sport has grown from a few dozen college students in rural Vermont to a global phenomenon with thousands of players, semi-professionals and international tournaments,” said Mary Kimball, CEO of US Quadball. a permit.

“Our institutions are committed to continuing to push the quadruple forward.”

The new name for the sport refers to the number of balls on the field during matches, as well as the number of player positions. The fantasy game was modified into a real sport in 2005 and now has 600 teams in 40 countries.

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