John Romero, the legendary co-designer of DOOM, makes an all-new FPS

John Romero, the legendary co-designer of DOOM, makes an all-new FPS

Photo: Romero Games

Legendary game designer and programmer John Romero has announced that he’s working with a major publisher on an “all-new” first-person shooter and is hiring now.

In an announcement on social media, John shared the following message on behalf of Romero Games – inviting talented people to join the team:

“It’s a new dawn for Romero Games. We’re working with a major publisher to develop John Romero’s next shooter: an all-new FPS game with a new original IP. Team Out is expanding, and we’re looking for talented people for all positions and all levels of experience, especially Those with Unreal Engine 5 experience”.

John Romero was one of the founders of id in the ’90s – paving the way for the first-person shooter genre and coining the term Deathmatch. Apart from Doom, he has also worked on series like Wolfenstein, Hexen and Quake.

He founded his new studio with his wife in 2015 which recently launched the strategy RPG Empire of Sin on Switch and many other platforms. The classic games he worked on like Doom and Quake are also available via the Switch eShop.

No release date or platforms for the new Romero Games title have been revealed yet. Interested in a new FPS game from the Romero Games team? Comment below.

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